YOUR PROGNOSIS IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU:  If you allow a diagnosis or other people’s opinions dictate what your future will look like – then that will be the path you follow . A prognosis is ONLY an educated guess and it does not take into account the circumstances that are unique to YOU. ~Dr Stewart Gillespie, Founder of Innate Immunity Your diagnosis does not matter – in our programs, coaching and our approach we never treat the diagnosis. Instead we go

Did you know drinking from Plastic Disposable Bottles can attribute to Weight Gain?! We all know how important water is for our body – being 70% made up of this beautiful resource and we should be consuming 2.5-3litres of water daily.. Drinking water has become a little easier these days with the convenience of “disposable plastic bottles” – from many stores, petrol outlets, supermarkets, gyms – you name it – we can get bottled water pretty much everywhere. HOWEVER –

Your Menstrual Cycle is your Fifth Vital Sign – an important marker for Your Health! When checking in on your Health, your Dr most of the time will use as your Health Barometers your Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate, Body Temperature and Pulse Rate. Your Menstruation Cycle is another indicator. As we are becoming more aware of the importance for us to take our health into our own hands, understanding our markers or health barometers – empowers us become more aware

“Menopause” or “Change of Life” in our 40-50years should be embraced and handled with care rather than be dreaded and hated!! It should be understood as a significant change in a Women’s Life and women should feel empowered that this time in her life is a natural progression of age just as the other stages – pre-menstrual, puberty, child birthing years, motherhood – it is now the time in her life that she can take some time for herself. “Menopause”