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Group Sessions

Huffy Puffy Circuit Session:

A Fun Circuit session with a range of exercises using body weight and equipment to work all major muscle groups. Cardio and strength! –

Tuesday 6.30am,

Wednesday 9am,

Stretch & Release Session:

 Low Impact, Stretch, Flexibility, Working In, with Shakti Mat (optional) –

Monday 5pm,

Tuesday 5.30pm (Men only)

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Getting to the “Nitty Gritty” of Peri Menopause and Menopause  6 Week Programme

Launch: Monday 23rd May 2022 at 8pm

Discover and understand what your body is telling you through menopause so you can embrace these “transitional years” without pain, symptoms, or illness!

So Many Questions are being asked about Menopause – it is a subject that in the past has really not been topical- perhaps due to the lack of knowledge of what is the body actually going through? Something we are now excited to share!
It is an experience that all of the human race go through, (yes Men too)!
“What are the symptoms of menopause?” 
“Am I too young for menopause?”
“How do I know it is menopause or something else?”
“How long do menopause symptoms usually last?”
“What lifestyle changes can help?”

We are embarking on a New Approach to Health, Fitness and Wellness to help Women understand more about their bodies and experiences through pre, peri and menopause years.

We would love to see Women empowered with this knowledge so they can embrace and enjoy the many years of post menopause – and live the life they love, deserve and desire❣️

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Empowering Health Online NZ

We take you Online where you will enjoy our Tips, Tricks, Hacks and 
Be Empowered to focus on your Optimal Health Journey to Wellness! 
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Health Coaching


Our Holistic approach to Optimal Health is Coaching with a New Approach/Perspective.

Our immune system – getting to the root cause of our symptoms, pain, chronic illness and disease, and how we can now share this with our clients! These are the triggers, whispers and voices from our own body’s sending a message to us!

We walk beside you in helping you to make positive change and assist in your options/choice through environmental, lifestyle, healing, mental and emotional protocols. This step by step process does take time – with some trial and error – with everyone being unique – we work with what is best for you in reducing your pain, inflammation and you innate immune system. 

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Our Event – Daffodil Day Fun Run/Walk for the Cancer Society ….


Annually we run our #activeinspringfieldnz Event “Daffodil Day Fun Run/Walk” taking on the great sights here in Springfield!

Raising funds for a great cause – the Cancer Society.  

We are forever grateful to those who support us each year with your donation!


Magic Gratitude Practice

The Magic is a 28 Day Gratitude Practice helps to change your life and perspective when practiced consistently. I invite you to join in and take this practice daily – and just maybe you will enjoy some awesome changes and mindset to help you on your journey to be the best version of You! 

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Are You Up for a Challenge?

Learning to Live your Best Life by stepping out of your Comfort Zone…..

Check our 5day challenges to kickstart your change….

Learn to Love You….


We need to work daily on ourselves – make the time – be mindful – be in the moment – be aware of how our body is feeling, what thoughts are going through our mind, how do we react. Some tips on how to Learn to Love You!

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