My Mission:

Rejuvenate (transitive verb)

[ri-joo-vin-ayt] (rejuvenates)
make somebody young again; to make somebody become, feel or appear young again.

Hi, I am Ainsley

I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for 10years however have always had health, fitness, and wellness in my life since I was young!

In 2012 I graduated as a Personal Trainer, however – always felt there was more to Health and Fitness than just movement and nutrition. Naturally, I knew there were other things important to good health and life which I was undertaking myself – my well-being, however, I found it tricky to bring it up with my clients – some thinking this was “woo woo” When I began my studies as a Functional Health Coach I realised “woo woo” played a huge part of the bigger picture of Optimal Health and Living the Life we desire and deserve. By the way “woo woo” is becoming more of the norm these days – which is awesome!

So, this was the way I wanted to take my business and clients. It felt natural to follow this path. I feel now my clients are empowered by understanding their bodies more and they know what they need to do when they receive messages and whispers.

My most recent study has taken a deeper look into our health and the understanding of how important it is that we know our health history and life story, getting to the root cause of symptoms and illness – and how it impacts our health and life today! We are treating the root cause not the symptom – as that is only the message or whisper

I have always loved working with people and as we continue to work with our Personal Training clients and Group sessions I am building an online space in the Menopause and Coaching arena. I am passionate now to help and guide women through their transitional years with ease rather than misery and life disrupting symptoms!

Menopause over the years has been something that women and men have gone through – without too much understanding. It was a stage of life – where people just lived through it! Our mothers went through the years keeping their experience to themselves and never really discussed it with the next generation!

Today Menopause for women is becoming more topic of conversation – we are excited to be part of this – in sharing with you what your body is doing and going through at this stage in your life.

Thank you for taking time to read our page and I hope we are able to help on your Health, Fitness and Wellness Journey through our services and products.

I look forward to chatting to you soon.

Yours in Health🌼

Ainsley x🌼

🌺🌼Holistic Health PT /Coach🌼🤸‍♀️Movement Maker🚶‍♀️🎈Life Changer🎈🌺Rejuvenator🌺🌺

In My Toolbox

  • Innate Immunity Functional Health Practitioner
  • Kaizen Advanced Health Coach – Level 2!
  • Menofitness – focusing on Women’s Health and Wellbeing. (Menopause)
  • Advanced Diploma in Business with MAX and graduated being the first in NZ and the 5th International to do so!!
  • International Fitness Professional through MAX College of Fitness with Certificates III and IV in Fitness and a Diploma in Business.
  • I hold a current First Aid Certificate
  • REPs Registered
  • Conduct SMEAEPs Programmes and Packages.
  • General all round lover and supporter of helping people to have their best life that they deserve!

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