My Mission:

Rejuvenate (transitive verb)

[ri-joo-vin-ayt] (rejuvenates)
make somebody young again; to make somebody become, feel or appear young again.

Hi, I am Ainsley

I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for 10years however have always had health, fitness, and wellness in my life since I was young!

I graduated as a Personal Trainer and built my Personal Training Studio with enthusiastic clients in a safe and comfortable environment. I always felt there was more to Health and Fitness than just movement and nutrition.

Naturally, I knew there were other things important to good health and life which I was undertaking myself – however, I felt I needed to dig deeper. So I undertook studies as a Functional Health Coach which began to satisfy my curiosity and I found the path to the bigger picture of Optimal Health and Living the Life we desire and deserve.

My most recent study has taken a deeper look into our health and the understanding of how important it is that we know our health history and life story, getting to the root cause of symptoms and illness – and how it impacts our health, fitness and life today! We are treating the root cause not the symptom – as that is only the message or whisper

I have always loved working with people and here at the RejuvenateYou Hub I offer our Personal Training with 1:1 clients and Group sessions I also love to teach – so Empowering Health NZ is building into an online space in the Menopause and Coaching arena. I am passionate now to help and guide women through their transitional years with ease rather than misery and life disrupting symptoms!

Today Menopause for women and Andropause for men is becoming more topic of conversation as more symptoms and disruptions in daily life are being experienced!  We all go through this change in midlife and I believe it needs to be more misunderstood by everyone.

I also believe everyone should be the CEO of their body and Health. Learn and become empowered by understanding their bodies, whispers and symptoms. We can then make knowledgeable based choices for our life and health outcomes. Every Body is different – everyone’s health history and life story is different -so we need to meet our own health – where it is today – understand it, improve it, maintain it!

With this thought – I am excited to have designed our programmes, specific to your age and stage in life. A New Approach to your Health, Fitness and Wellness, digging deep to find clues then guiding you on solutions for an easy transition and great health into older age.

Health is our Wealth and we need to keep working at it – ahead of what could be!

Let’s chat with you soon.

Yours in Health🌼

Ainsley x🌼

🌺🌼Holistic Health PT /Coach🌼🤸‍♀️Movement Maker🚶‍♀️🎈Life Changer🎈🌺Rejuvenator🌺🌺

In My Toolbox

  • Innate Immunity Functional Health Practitioner
  • Kaizen Advanced Health Coach – Level 2!
  • Menofitness – focusing on Women’s Health and Wellbeing. (Menopause)
  • Advanced Diploma in Business with MAX and graduated being the first in NZ and the 5th International to do so!!
  • International Fitness Professional through MAX College of Fitness with Certificates III and IV in Fitness and a Diploma in Business.
  • I hold a current First Aid Certificate
  • REPs Registered
  • Conduct SMEAEPs Programmes and Packages.
  • General all round lover and supporter of helping people to have their best life that they deserve!

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