You are Not Your Diagnosis


If you allow a diagnosis or other people’s opinions dictate what your future will look like – then that will be the path you follow . A prognosis is ONLY an educated guess and it does not take into account the circumstances that are unique to YOU.

~Dr Stewart Gillespie, Founder of Innate Immunity

Your diagnosis does not matter – in our programs, coaching and our approach we never treat the diagnosis. Instead we go after the PROCESS, the reason WHY you are chronically ill.

I believe this to be a crucial step in my recent recovery and healing of lung cancer and the covid virus.

When we are given a diagnosis – it can rock our world for a time! That very sound of the “C” word or any other chronic illnesses which we had been dreading to hear – can stop us in our tracks and perhaps send us of on tangent – of analysing – why, how, when and where did this health go wrong? We tend to Google and do our own investigation of diagnosis and prognosis and become the experts ourselves of what we should do – from other’s experiences and such. This is all well and good – taking an interest in your own Health – however – we do need to dig that little bit deeper – to understand what is going on within ourselves! Understand our symptoms, find out our body’s WHY and turn it around!

Most certainly – when you are first diagnosed – we do need to take on the amazing medical intervention as prescribed to us and here I am grateful for my treatment that stopped the cancer in it’s tracks. We also need to be aware – that we do have some control in our prognosis too.

I am very grateful to have had brought in both Dr Bruce Lipton – author of “Biology of Belief” and Dr Joe Dispenza – author of “Breaking the Habit of being Yourself” into my library of learning. To this day – I do not know what made me pick their books up – however I can only say that both these Dr’s research, wisdom and activities certainly helped hugely in my healing and recovery. Often things come to us in life at a time that is perfect for when we need – this was certainly a great example right there.

They enabled me to see the bigger picture of my illness and attribute that a huge part of this was also my beliefs before my diagnosis. In fact I always said that my illness was only a diagnosis and I was going to recover from this!

Changing our beliefs, learning to understand our illness and making a conscious effort towards a recovery is a huge step forward to getting your health back and steading forth to a good prognosis. Our body’s are individual – whatever illness or diagnosis that we receive – is never going to be like someone else’s because our health history has not been the same.

Health History – infections, allergies, our birth, being bottle fed as a baby, Trauma, menstrual cycles, vaccines, medications, stress, toxins, our movement, our sleep, nutrition, even injuries all play a part in our health make up – so we are never going to be the same as anyone else – so how ever can our prognosis be the same?!

Through EMPOWERING HEALTH ONLINE we are taking a NEW approach to getting to the root cause of “diagnosis’, symptoms, triggers, messages and whispers – whatever they may be.

Once we begin to collect clues from your past history – we also take the “less is more” approach to setting you on protocols – again which are best suited to your cause. We are not offering you “symptom management” rather – taking you on steps to find what works for your individual cause. Most often the “simple basics” are all you need for recovery, however this can take time! We are not here for a quick fix!

We have our 6Week “Getting to the Nitty Gritty of Peri-Menopause and Menopause” Programme coming up 25th April 2022, where we teach our clients what their body’s are going through and how they can improve their Health to live well through these transitional years and on to Optimal Health in post Menopause!

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