Embracing our Menopause Years

“Menopause” or “Change of Life” in our 40-50years should be embraced and handled with care rather than be dreaded and hated!! It should be understood as a significant change in a Women’s Life and women should feel empowered that this time in her life is a natural progression of age just as the other stages – pre-menstrual, puberty, child birthing years, motherhood – it is now the time in her life that she can take some time for herself.

“Menopause” is a symptom of our earlier health history and life story. Even starting back at our health was before our menstrual cycle started can impact how our menstrual cycle will be through our life. Then of course our environment and lifestyle during our menstruation years can set up our health as we age!

How we have treated our body, ourselves and our experiences over the years all tie into how our menopause and symptoms will play out in this “Change of Life”.

Menopause is actually a symptom of our underlying root causes that have not been fixed or looked after during our life.

  • * Infections
  • * Allergies
  • * Trauma
  • * Health History
  • * Life Story

Your Immune System and Nervous System need Love and support along with understanding balancing Your Hormones.

The great news is – that we can fix this – our body, mind and soul are adaptable and we can learn to understand their needs through our body’s whispers, messages and triggers in order to Embrace these Beautiful years!

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