Weight Gain and Plastic Bottles

Did you know drinking from Plastic Disposable Bottles can attribute to Weight Gain?!

We all know how important water is for our body – being 70% made up of this beautiful resource and we should be consuming 2.5-3litres of water daily..

Drinking water has become a little easier these days with the convenience of “disposable plastic bottles” – from many stores, petrol outlets, supermarkets, gyms – you name it – we can get bottled water pretty much everywhere.

HOWEVER – are these plastic bottles just a little too convenient and are they detrimental to our Health? Nearly everything we eat, drink, or own contains or is contained in plastic. Many disposable drinking bottles contain BPA or other harmful chemicals, and can negatively affect our bodies, our health and the world we live in. 

With the re-heating in the microwave of our food in plastic, or the heat of dishwashers, and our plastic bottles being left in a hot car – the re-use of these plastics and the chemicals can break down and leach into our food and water.

So how do Plastic Bottles effect our Weight?

Our natural Estrogen is produced in our bodies, primarily in our ovaries – however it can also be produced in our liver, fat cells and adrenal glands around menopause! Estrogen along with progesterone are not only essential for making babies – they certainly have other roles as well, being a protector for our overall health and bringing us vitality and energy.

Toxins/chemicals like BPA can act with our hormonal level by distorting hormonal balance and inducing estrogenic effects through binding with estrogen-related receptors. The BPA blocks and mimics our natural Estrogen and so increases the amount of estrogen in our body – we then see our liver is unable to detoxify or eliminate this exogenous estrogen!

In todays modern world where women have busier lives than ever before – and they are putting everyone else ahead of themselves and not looking after them – we are seeing our adrenals (which produce our stress hormone) are depleted from everyday stress of life.

When women are coming into their Menopause years the hormones become unbalanced and reduce – due this change in life. The production of estrogen and progesterone up until now has predominantly been from the ovaries backed up from the liver and fat cells. As with the change or switch this will see reduced hormone production now coming from the adrenals and once again backed up from the liver and fat cells. As mentioned above – with our busy modern day life – if the adrenals are already stressed – their priority is to create cortisol before our protective and vitality producing estrogen and progesterone.

Our liver too often is overwhelmed and can struggle to eliminate toxins efficiently with liver loaders like coffee, alcohol, processed foods, sugar, anti-flammatories, medications, skin care products, chemical cleaning products, environmental pollutants like BPA and such. This means that the estrogen the body does have – comes from these liver loaders and toxins – and does not get eliminated efficiently and so runs through our body again!

So what is left to produce our natural estrogen – are our fat cells! If we are needing more estrogen – we produce more fat cells and here is where the weight goes on! There could also be other reasons like insulin resistance and of course immune response.

 So What can we do?

  • * Drinking from glass bottles or containers, Stainless steel drinking bottles
  • * Re-heat food in glass or ceramic type containers
  • * Reduce Toxins/Chemicals
  • * Reduce Stress
  • * Make changes to our modern day living – balancing, reducing
  • * Eat nutritional real foods rather than packaged and processed
  • * Reduce our liver loaders
  • * Move the way your body should move
  • * Improve Sleep Hygiene
  • * Practice Mindfulness

All of the above can be quite overwhelming – however – even if a couple of these suggestions were undertaken – a difference maybe felt!

Everybody is different – we are all unique – so personalised programmes need to considered.

Our 6Week “Getting to the Nitty Gritty of Menopause” Programme will step you through your own personal journey in these important years of your Life!

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