Thank you Ainsley for helping me on the road to health.

After a recent health scare which left me with muscle weakness and balance problems, I sought out Ainsley’s help on the recommendation of others. I’m so glad I did. Her professional approach combined with gentleness and empathy along with her encouragement and inspiration when feeling really unwell was so appreciated. Under Ainsley’s skillful guidance, my strength improved and am back to feeling like my old self again. Ainsley certainly knows her stuff, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services for anyone wanting to focus on their health and wellbeing.

Trish Broderick

To say I have gotten a lot out of my training with Ainsley and RejuvenateYou is an understatement!

When I first contacted Ainsley, I did so expecting help and motivation with my strength and fitness. Which I received.

What I didn’t expect was Ainsley’s support and knowledge surrounding so many facets of overall health and well being.  I’ve learnt so much… over coming obstacles, setting goals and prioritizing what’s important in life.

I now know what I want from life and how to achieve it!

Rachel Ferguson, 37 year old Mother of three.

I started training with Ainsley Burton RejuvenateYou for the 100 day challenge after reading about the challenge in the weekly newsletter in September 2014.

My goal was to improve my overall fitness and to lose the weight I had gained from having my three children.

During this 100 days I had to do cardio everyday including press ups, squats, sit ups, and tricep dips covering all numbers from 1 –  100.
At the beginning I really doubted that I was going to make it threw the 100 days, the start was slow and finding the time to do the big days but with Ainsley’s consistent support and encouragement I started noticing I could fit clothes I hadn’t in years.

Half way threw I became sick which set me back a couple of days and could easily have given up but Ainsley was just awesome and  helpful with nutrition and well being advice.

After the 100days with Ainsley I reached my 5km run goal and I feel physically and mentally the the best I have ever.
Thank-you so much.

Bex2014 Bex2014after

Rebecca Colombus

I really value Ainsley’s warm, positive, and compassionate approach to the way she has supported and mentored me throughout my ongoing journey to achieve a better, healthier lifestyle.  Initially I was unsure of what I wanted to set as my goals, but Ainsley encouraged me to consider small and achievable steps.

I actually enjoy my training, circuits and boot-camp sessions as they always set me up for a positive mind set and better energy as I continue with my day.  She has been there with the right words to say to pick me up when I’ve felt low in my self belief and introduced me to a range of new thinking strategies and behaviours  as I strive towards my goal. 

The information and advice she shares through newsletters and text messages is meaningful and continues to keep me focused and inspired. I have been so surprised by the ways that the simple yet consistent daily circuits I do is impacting on my improved sense of balance and physical strength.

Ainsley has continued to keep me engaged and focused for the last 18 months and I know she will be keeping the little challenges and incentives in place to support me as my improved lifestyle continues to evolve.

Glenda July 2014   Glenda Feb 2016

  2014                              2016

Glenda Albon

Since I’ve been going to Ainsley I feel stronger, fitter, healthier, and far more energised than I have in a long while. Ainsley is supportive, positive, and just one of the nicest people around. There’s always something fun and challenging to look forward to, even if it is just ‘five more’ reps! Boot camp, group circuits, and a variety of other challenges have introduced me to some absolutely awesome people, and I have Ainsley to thank for giving me a real sense of belonging in the wider Springfield community.

Heather Butcher

I have been training with Ainsley for the past two years, and I am hooked! Since I have been training with Ainsley I feel fit and strong and energetic. Every week in PT she provides new challenges and physically pushes me past anything I would do on my own. Weekly circuits are always a great challenge as well, and good fun. Ainsley’s attitude and positivity is infectious, she has a high level of empathy, is extremely knowledgable and professional, and very flexible with my ever-changing schedule which I really appreciate!

Mel Browne

My name is Julie Smith and I want to tell you my story and experiences with “ RejuvenateYou” and Personal Trainer Ainsley Burton.


        Julie (right) 2012                  Julie (left) 2015

June 2011:  I work with Ainsley, she is my boss and good friend. I’ve noticed how good she looks lately. She has been going to a personal trainer in Christchurch and looks really slim and fit. Ains has decided to become a personal trainer herself and has asked me to be her ‘Guinea pig’. Ains is training with “ Max Fitness College” in Auckland, so a lot of her work is done by correspondence.

Now about me I am 42 years old, I work part time with Ains and on the farm with my husband Michael and my three boys they are 14, 12 and 10. I am overweight and my weight is creeping up probably around 86-87kg, I am not very tall, about 1m 65cm. My family health history is not good. Both my parents have had bowel cancer and my dad’s family has age onset diabetes. Not good for overweight me!! I have always played netball but am not very fit. I hate running, never do it if I can help it. So when Ains asks me to be her Guinea Pig I agree.

We start our training at the Springfield Domain. We meet there once a week, Ains gives me a circuit to do at home. ( I still have that circuit ) It is a very simple circuit. So I continue slowly once a week at Springfield domain. Eventually my husband Michael decides he should do something too, so in August 2011 Ains has two ‘guinea pigs,’ Michael’s reasons are also health related, he has polycystic kidneys which puts your blood pressure up and has just started blood pressure meds, he is also overweight at over 100 kg and says he cannot run across the yard without getting puffed.

We carry on with our once a week with Ains at Springfield Domain. Ainsley graduates from Max Fitness College in July 2012 and opens her own personal training centre at Springfield Railway Station “RejuvenateYou” This is when we start our personal training sessions.

2013: Not sure if we are working hard enough not too many changes yet but we are still going to Ainsley’s once a week. Ains asks us if we would like to do the 20 week challenge. We agree to that and begin the challenge in April 2013. We don’t get off to a good start with a week away in Australia with the kids! When we come back we get into it. We make a change in our lifestyle with our eating and drinking and start to exercise 30 mins each day. We do a lot of circuits. Ainsley sends out via email, weekly circuits which I have kept, (maybe forgot to print the really hard ones!!!). Michael purchased a treadmill and started to do some running. Not me so much, remember I hate running. We have entered in the 20 week challenge lifestyle and body changes and the couples awards. This sees us gradually losing weight and looking fitter and people commenting on our weight loss. As well as the exercise we do at home we are also doing a pt session and a circuit with Ains .  The 20 week challenge awards see us as finalists for lifestyle and body changes and couples and co-winners of the couples awards with Sally and Jason Banks.

After the challenge Ainsley gives us another one the 100 Day Challenge. I think why not carry this on to Christmas, keep me on the straight and narrow. I lose a bit more weight doing this. I’m eating better, only drinking alcohol 2 nights a week and exercising almost every day.

2014: Sees us again participating in the 20 week Challenge. Michael’s categories were body and lifestyle, maintenance and couples, I had the same categories. This year we are finalists in the couples awards. Other than doing the 20 week challenge we have worked hard on our everyday living and are exercising regularly. I now can run 3km on the treadmill (without stopping), I feel a lot fitter playing netball and feel a lot better about myself. Michael does a lot of running on the treadmill and outside. We have started to do extra activities like the St Clair half marathon, Pegasus fun run etc.

2015: People still comment on our weight loss, especially if they haven’t seen us for a while, it is great to hear this. We have had to go through a wardrobe change and downsize our clothes. I love shopping ,Michael not so much!!  This year we complete another 20 week challenge, we added cardio to our challenges this year.  I am a finalist in the cardio section and Michael a finalist in maintenance, but no winners for Michael and I this year. We continue with our running, duathalons and other activities as well as still seeing Ainsley once a week and doing Ainsley’s circuit on a Wednesday night.

I think back to 2011 and note all that we have achieved over the years. It didn’t happen in the first year or maybe the second but once we put in the hard work and changed our lifestyle it worked and as long as we keep doing what we are doing it will always work. It is not always easy and I am the biggest procrasternator , just ask Ains she wanted this piece of paper a year ago!!

Michael and I worked hard to change our lifestyle, but this would never have happened if not under the guidance and expertise of our personal trainer Ainsley Burton. She is our inspiration, trainer, supporter, confidante and greatest friend who has helped, trained, listened and  has been positive and accepting  of everything we have done.

Thank you

Julie and Michael 2011 Julie and Michael 2015

   Julie and Michael Smith 2011                   Julie and Michael Smith 2015