5 Day Challenge

Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone….

……enables us to get things done – to achieve our goals – reach our dreams – step up to the next level – to grow and learn – and isn’t that what life is all about??

To live a fulfilling Life – to find our Happiness – True Purpose and Passions – for us to Be, Do and Have all that we want and most of all – All That We Deserve!!

Life is full of challenges – the ones that come to us – that are out of our control. These come to us as a surprise or unexpected and when we need to learn a lesson, or change what we are doing – they come to us so that we need to stop – take note and to set back on the track that we should be on – whether we know it or not! Sometimes we take note – and sometimes we carry on with the way and things as we only know how! More than likely – you will find a little further down the track – something pops up again – do we take note this time or go back to our old ways?

If we were to stop – take a breath, acknowledge and see the obstacle or challenge as a opportunity – do you think our pattern may change and we see different outcomes – quite possible a more favourable outcome! Life was meant to have it’s ups and downs – it wouldn’t be Life if these experiences didn’t happen to us!

Then we have the intentional challenges/obstacles – that we put in place ourselves. Perhaps again when we know we need to change and we are ready to make changes and grow! These challenges – are the ones we join in with others, or have a support network with us – to hold us accountable – if you are wanting to learn a new task – but want some support and encouragement – to help you learn and get the job done!

We are starting a series of 5Day Challenges – to kick start you on your growth journey. It does take 21 days to form a habit – and we are hoping that the 5Day is the kickstart that you need in order to carry on for longer and onto bigger and better things!

Register below on the 5Day Challenge Facebook Page – and follow in the areas you would like to learn about or the habits you are wanting to form! Feel Free to contact us to if there is an area that you are wanting to get started with – we are open to new ideas!

Our 5Day Challenges are listed here….
Click on this link to check out all of our 5Day Challenges – or click on one of the images below to learn more and take action on each Challenge!

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