How to Learn to LOVE You!!

  When I Express Love towards Myself & Everyone I meet, that Love comes Back to Me – Multiplied~Louise Hay






12 Ways You can Learn to Love Yourself Now!!

  1. Stop all Criticism – to Yourself & Others
  2. Forgive Yourself
  3. Don’t Scare Yourself – don’t terrorise yourself. Switch scary thoughts to pleasure thoughts
  4. Be Gentle & Kind & Patient to Yourself
  5. Be Kind to Your Mind – change your thoughts
  6. Praise Yourself – builds your spirit
  7. Support Yourself – friends and family
  8. Be Loving to Your Negatives – acknowledge them and lovingly release
  9. Take care of Your Body – what kind of nutrition/movement does your body need for Optimum Energy & Vitality?
  10. Love Yourself – begin it Now!
  11. Remember the things that gave You joy as a child – incorporate them now. Find a way to have Smile, Laugh, Rejoice and the world rejoices with You!
  12. Spend time on You everyday – mirror play – look into your eyes, Forgive and repeat “I love You. I really Love You. I am so proud of You. You can do anything You set Your Mind to”. Life Loves You!!

Make a commitment to continue with work on You daily!


Thank You for getting started!.

Thank You for hanging in there!

Thank You for being Open to Learning something New!

I really Love You!