Shakti Mat-What our Customers Say….

The reason I got one was the reviews I had heard from friends. Also I get really sore shoulders and neck and wanted something to help. It’s taken me a bit to get used to and at times I still lie on it with a top and not on bare skin. But I do have to say that I love it. I usually lie on it in bed with my book for twenty mins before I go to sleep. It definitely eases the tension in my neck and shoulders. The girls still love it too and I have to fight to get it sometimes. Kerri Jane Booth.
It’s good! I’ve been trying to use it most night in bed. When I remember to use it it’s been really awesome and just helps me relax enough to have a better nights sleep and helps ease any back pains. Lauren Parsons.
Hi. I wanted to try it for sleep and general age related aches and pains. I’ve had a couple of nights less disturbed sleep (I usually wake up 3 or 4 times). So a couple of nights I’ve only woken up once or twice. Also my back doesn’t seem to be as achy in the morning. Still can’t stand on it yet! So far is say it’s all good.
Hello, I got it as I have lower back pain and my necks been really stiff lately, it’s definitely helping with both! I love it. Megan Woods.
 Love it already!! Thank you so much Ainsley. X. Lu Taylor.
 Love my Mat. I place it on my pillow every night ,strip off and lie on it as I read my book before I go to sleep. There is a hot water bottle involved as well-and I am in heaven!!I find it very relaxing ,and it seems to iron out a few tight spots. Val MacKenzie…
& word from Val’s sister..
Lynn also loves hers. She has used her mainly for her arthritic feet. She has made standing on her mat part of her daily stretching regime. Lynn is a very disciplined person and she would not bother with anything that she does not see the value in. We have both found it to be a good ice breaker /party trick as well!!!

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