Friday 13th October from 4.00pm to 3.00pm Sunday 15th October 2017

This Two day Lifestyle Retreat situated in the beautiful Southern Alps provides you as our guests the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful back yard with nature and a balance in finding the Movement, Nutrition, Mindfulness and MeTime that is right for you. Learn how to bring this into your life for sustainable and long time results by helping you Create and Embrace healthier lifestyle habits for yourself.
What you will experience on this weekend:
  • Two nights accommodation at our Venue in Castle Hill Village
  • Nutritious Meals including two evening dinners, two breakfasts & two lunches, plus snacks
  • Movement activities including a bush walk, yoga session.
  • Mindfulness, Nutrition & Wellbeing Workshops
  • Pamper Session
  • Your Journal/Workbook
  • Share your experience with like-minded people – all on their own journey
  • Goody Bag
  • Limited Spaces!

Our Intention of this Holistic Retreat is to support you in creating your path to Optimal Health, Fulfillment and Joy through our Four Pillars of Health. We aim to support you to make your own inner discoveries.  Through our Workshops and your self discovery our integrated approach to your daily health and fitness practices will be on your own practical level, to a greater self mastery and with more exuberance no matter what your age or phase of life. Over the course of this retreat it will become apparent that what is covered also extends to cultivating a balanced sustainable health, a radiant beauty and rejuvenation.

Our Foodie: Bronwyn Adams-Hooper

I am excited to introduce to you a lady who is passionate about her nutrition and growing nutritional food will be joining us on our Retreat to share her knowledge and also enjoy her gorgeous flavours love for food!

Coming from a background of coaching movement and fitness 4 years ago I decided to follow my passion of nutrition and a desire to understand what makes not only a nutritionally dense diet but what does it take to grow nutritionally dense food. This involved increasing my knowledge by 2 years of studying with Precision Nutrition, becoming a Level 2 Nutrition Coach and then attending The BHU at Lincoln university to gain a Certificate in Organic Farming. Both these learning experiences have shaped my view on food and eating. Giving me the knowledge to help cut through the minefield of misinformation around nutrition and give easily to follow nutritional advice suited to each individual client and recipes that are easy to follow, quick to make but truly delicious. Bronwyn!

    Breath of Yoga

So our Yogi for this weekend is our beautiful Annie Cook – an Ashram yoga teacher with a passion for sharing her practise with others. Annie has her own Yoga studio near Rolleston-see below. Annie will be taking several yoga sessions during our Retreat including a morning Sun Salutation, a Relaxing Evening session and a general yoga session. All sessions are suitable for all levels.

Yoga is the Science of Life. It is a fully integrated practice which affects all aspects of human life. The results are predictable,
whether your discords are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. As an ancient science, Yoga provides a proven way that systematically leads to a point where you can express your full potential on all levels.

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If you are GST Registered and a New Zealand Resident – you can enjoy this Programme being SMEAEPs endorsed. Click here to find out more!