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I have enjoyed the Clean Lean Protein Functional Flavours, Good Green Stuff and Vita Biosa Probiotic-Ginger in my morning smoothies for a couple of years now and find they are a great start to my day – knowing that I am starting the day with some good nutrition. The latest NEW Fruit & Veg Smoothies are awesome to and perfect to add in your travel pack!

Great to be NZ products too!


Vita Biosa is a certified organic ready-to-drink probiotic herbal tonic combining the beneficial effects of probiotic bacteria and herbs is advantageous in many ways. In the final fermented product the valuable substances of the herbs are conserved, and at the same time, the herbal extracts have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of the probiotic bacteria, which then multiply and produce vital organic acids. The combination of live probiotic strains, extract of 19 different herbs and organic acids is what makes Vita Biosa truly unique.

I love the Ginger

Flavours: Aronia, Ginger, Original

Size: 500ml – $26.00, 1000ml $42.24, 3000ml $84.75


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