Rejuvenate Your Health, Fitness & Wellbeing with our INFLUENCE Lifestyle Progrmme!!

 Identifying Your Health Challenges!

This Programme runs for 210 Days – For those who are committed and wanting to dig a little Deeper into their Health, Happiness and Wellbeing. You will really want to make changes in your own Health as well as your family and friends – “Your Circle of Influence!!”

This package will incorporate some of our other services or packages – setting up some achievable goals by using what we believe are the “Three Pillars” – HEALTH, FITNESS & WELLBEING!

On Your journey you will learn to

  • Understand how your body works and what best Movement is for you
  • Gain energy, vitality and a renewed sense of Wellbeing through good Nutrition
  • Learn Mindfulness which practiced regularly will bring you loads of Health Benefits
  • Learn how to find time for yourself – MeTime – bring back your enjoyment of old activities or start new pursuits
  • Believe how amazing you truly are
  • Become part of a community, with an opportunity to share, ask questions and feel supported through your Optimal Health Journey

Also – As Part of your INFLUENCE Lifestyle Programme you will receive:

One FREE 45 minute Consult

Your own Personal Journal/Workbook

Weekly Emails

7  x 45 minute Skype Sessions

Mini Adrenal Stress Indicator Questionaire

Food Sensitivity Testing

Adrenal Dysfunction Test

Epigenetic Profiling

Lifestyle Programme

Welcome Pack

  Please be sure that these packages are designed specifically on YOUR needs with a programme that suits YOUR requirements.

A Journey which will educate and Influence YOU to become the best version of YOU!!!

For More Information or Enrol now 

If you are GST Registered and a New Zealand Resident – you can enjoy this Programme being SMEAEPs endorsed. Click here to find out more!