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Welcoming You to “Empowering Health NZ” for Women’s Health!

My aim for this medium is to share with you – and for you to become “Empowered” on your Optimal Health Journey to Wellness. My Approach is to help you understand your body, it’s messages, health history & life story. Every body is different and will have different reasons and causes for it’s current health outcomes. I help you to dig deep to find your root cause of symptoms, pain, illness, so you understand what you need to do in order to live the life you deserve & desire!

Menopause has been so misunderstood and is now becoming the buzz word and talked about openly. Every woman goes through this stage, for many it can be a terrible time, for others they may not know they are even going through it. My experience was minimal and I believe being aware of my body, understanding it’s messages and doing what my body needed was a big part of how this transition was for me!

In My 6Week “Getting to the Nitty Gritty of Menopause” Programme – I help you to understand your body so that you can be empowered and are able to embrace these wonderful years and stage in your life.

Empowering Health NZ also run webinars, programmes, membership and private coaching – I share tips, tricks, hacks and solutions, on improving your Health, Fitness and Wellness.

Getting to the crux of your

  • * Joint/Muscle Pain
  • * Weight gain
  • * Sleepless nights
  • * Hot flushes
  • * Fatigue
  • * Anxiety
  • * Depression
  • and so much more.

Over the past two years we have come to understand how important it is to have good Health and a lot of what we are experiencing – is our bodies whispers, messages and triggers telling us that we need to take action to find what is really going on within us!

We all need some guidance, support and motivation to help us on our journey through life and we believe being accountable to a program, personal trainer, boss or perhaps someone in your family not only helps to keep on track with feedback and being a cheerleader – you are also more likely to see the results you want to see, achieve the goals and dreams you desire.

I help you to find –

  • * Nutrition that works for you
  • * Movement that your body needs and loves
  • * Balance in your immune system
  • * Body change
  • * Pain Free
  • * Feelings of vitality and lightness
  • * Happiness, Joy, Love

Our private Facebook group is also a great space to be supported, to share and learn from one another’s experiences

I believe everyone deserves to “Live their Best Life” and know that even small changes can make such a huge difference to how someone, feels, moves and lives.

I would love to see everyone living the Life they Deserve and Desire with Optimal Health.

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