Health Coaching

Our Holistic approach to Optimal Health is Coaching with a New Approach/Perspective.

Looking into your immune response – getting to the root cause of your symptoms, pain, chronic illness and disease is how we now share this with you – our clients! These are the triggers, whispers and voices from our own body sending a message to us!

We walk beside you in helping you understand what these messages mean, how they can make a positive change through your options/choices within environmental, lifestyle, healing, mental and emotional protocols. This step by step process does take time – with some trial and error – with everyone being unique – we work with what is best for you in reducing your pain, inflammation, chronic illness or dis-ease.

We are open for Coaching bookings – if you are committed to improving your Health, Fitness and Wellbeing. We generally suggested a 3month commitment so that we can dig deep to your root causes and guide you on your journey with our healing protocols, allowing them to take their time to heal.  Our Coaching is not a quick fix to your health, fitness and wellbeing issues – however one that we hope, will empower you to understand your body more so that you can Live the Life you Deserve and Desire. Optimal Health!

Consults 45mins as we dig deep $97❣️      

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Acute Inflammation should only last around 6weeks and is fine in small doses. This is often caused by an injury, infection or illness. Acute Inflammation drives the healing process and we need this inflammation and our immune system to heal our body. However, at this point – when often we add in NASAIDs (Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs), OPIOIDs or corticosteroids – these tend to block the healing process with us ending up, with an incomplete healing like fibrosis or scar tissue.

Chronic Inflammation lasts more than 6 weeks and can cause stress and bring underlying causes to the surface and involves other body systems including the Nervous System, Musculoskeletal, Immune (old infections) Gut and Hormone.

We need to find balance between the Acute and Chronic Inflammation. If you get stuck in Chronic Inflammation – you get stuck in Chronic Pain. Our pain can show up in our back or joints and if we do not find and work with getting rid of the root cause then we start to see degenerative back, joint and disc diagnosis.

From our study we are learning to understand that health and life history is important for our client’s recovery. We take a good look at your Health and Life events that may have triggered your immune response for it to be stuck. We offer solutions customised to the individual – through protocols, your structured movement understanding your stress, your immune type and your Why!

These pillars are all underlying your Inflammation which is underneath your Pain. Pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to go – however it does not always mean you are healed.

We continue to work with you on your Nutrition, Stress and of course – so much more!


Better Diet – Less Pain?

You are actually what you absorb! Our body requires nutrients to build tissue and repair! Think cellular!!

Six Categories of Nutrients that our body requires from food: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fat, Fibre, Vitamins and Minerals. We help you understand that absorbing things that are alive are better than processed and what is best for your body. Learn to eat for your immune type and help your body heal and be well.

STRESS can be good – Acute Stress – as with our Acute Inflammation – is our response of getting out of danger as we use to in the pre-historic days. Our Stress Hormones – Cortisol and Adrenaline would be activated and protect us when we were in danger (being chased by a lion or such). We would want this reaction – our hormones flooding the body to activate our nervous system to make our brain more alert, increase our heart rate in order to increase our blood flow to our tissues to be ready to tap into some reserves for our “Flight or Fright” – and then this would be over.

However – what we are seeing today is Chronic Stress – which is our problem stress – we are not designed to be running away from a tiger or danger for an ongoing amount of time!

This Chronic Stress is one of our major reason for illness and dis-ease these days!  It can be through Emotional Stress, Physical Stress, Mental Stress, Nutritional Stress, Electromagnetic Stress.

StressSymptoms-2Our Modern day Tiger can be caused by being, unhappy at work, fighting with your spouse, family, friends, financial stress, environmental stress-toxins, chronic illness-viruses, immune response, chronic pain, social media, news, isolation, lack of purpose, the wrong movement/exercise or food – more often than not – it can be more than one!

Our body cannot differentiate where stress comes from – whether it is perceived or real. It is hardwired for survival. It predicts even before we have made a conscious decision. Perception is the brain’s best guess about what is happening in the outside world.