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Personal Training, Health & Wellbeing Coach

 One on One Fun, Friendly session in comfortable Fitness Environment.
Personalised Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Program for YOU!
Confidential Consultation and Program
Mindset & Nutritional Tips
Together we can set Challenges & Targets with your Health, Fitness & Wellbeing in mind
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Group Sessions

Huffy Puffy Circuit Session:

A Fun Circuit session with a range of exercises using body weight and equipment to work all major muscle groups. Cardio and strength! –

Tuesday 6.15am,

Wednesday 9am,

Thursday 6.15pm

Stretch & Release Session:

 Low Impact, Stretch, Flexibility, Working In –

Monday 6.30pm,

Thursday 6.15am

Friday 9am

B-FIT for Teenagers:

Circuit Fitness and Body Weight/Strength – 13+years

Wednesday 5pm

All sessions 45minutes -include warm up and cool down!!

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Learning to Live your Best Life by stepping out of your Comfort Zone…..

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Through our programmes we have enjoyed seeing many fantastic outcomes from our clients – Weight Loss, Reduced Blood Pressure, Dis-ease has reduced or disappeared completely, Pain Free, Gained Fitness & Strength, Mindset change – gaining beauty from inside out, Feeling Energised, Vitality to name just a few. See what our clients are saying (testimonials).

Our RejuvenateYou  programmes  are designed for the Individual and Unique You on your Journey to Optimal Health, Fitness and Wellbeing.

Your requirement as a client is to be committed and dedicated to making changes in order to reach your Optimal Health, Fitness and Wellbeing.

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Watch this space for NEW Programs in 2020!

RejuvenateYou 20Week Challenge


May 2020

Earn Your Summer Health, Fitness & Wellbeing – a great way to keep motivated and on track over the more difficult winter months – when we tend to hibernate, but winter time is when we gain our Summer Health, Fitness and Vitality.

Enjoy fun challenges and tasks along the way, working in a fun and supportive group environment.

Come into your Summer Feeling the best and ready to go!! Find out more..



Our Next 6Week Programme

starts 2020!

Your 6 Week Programme includes:-

❤️ Body Audit Assessments x 2 – before & after assessment
❤️ Massage with the gorgeous Amy Albon
❤️ Weekly one on one session plus unlimited group sessions (see our services page)
❤️ Your own individual programme
❤️ Weekly emails and FB support group
❤️ Goody Bag…

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The Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme (SMEAEP) requires exercise professionals to meet certain criteria which then allows them to offer the programme to businesses for a fee that is FBT exempt from the IRD. These Programmes are designed to help prevent and reduce work related harm and stress.

RejuvenateYou undertakes annual endorsed assessments so that we can offer the SMEAEPs programme to business owners!

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Functional Health Coaching

   Our Holistic approach to Optimal Health is through Coaching where we have studied through the Kaizen Institute of Health to become a Kaizen Advanced Health Coach. Through Movement & Functional testing we can gather some clues & patterns which will offer opportunities for us to work together to make positive changes through enivironmental, lifestyle, gut healing, mental and emotional protocols. In turn we hope this will lead to reducing your pain, symptons and inflammation in order to avoid dis-ease.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Adrenal Dysfunction Testing

Epigenetic Profiling

Blood Chemistry Analysis

Base Testing for Movement

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Our Event – Move More & Have Fun….

This was a Successful Event where participants Moved for 10 minutes! Visit our facebook page to see our fabulous activities on the day plus all the new events and happenings coming up!  @activeinspringfieldnz


Next Workshop: TBA

Rosa and Margo help to change the perception on Plant Based Cooking. Wholefoods cooked up to 46degrees – so not all Raw Food – but cooked to a temperature keeping the goodness and nutrients in your meals. Learn from these beautiful girls – (full of passion and their own experience of bad health) to produce food as medicine! Eating Wholefoods can reverse symptons of aches, pains, dis-ease, Type2 diabetes, Blood Pressure plus more…..
Invest in Your Health and Live Well!
“Create a Wealth of Health!”

$110pp! Book NOW

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 Learn How to Love You!

We need to work daily on ourselves – make the time – be mindful – be in the moment – be aware of how our body is feeling, what thoughts are going through our mind, how do we react. Some tips on how to Learn to Love You!

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