Rejuvenate (transitive verb)

[ri-joo-vin-ayt] (rejuvenates)
make somebody young again; to make somebody become, feel or appear young again.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in Health, Fitness and Wellbeing for myself! Playing most sports growing up as a child and into adulthood – as well as instructing aerobics, coaching many sports – also moving into administrative roles, working in recreation – the enjoyment of moving, playing and having fun – has been the forefront. There is no point in doing it – if you are not having fun!! I have travelled many paths on my life journey I am delighted to have come back to where I feel home is – working towards my own optimal health and wellbeing and sharing the same with others on their health and wellness journey. Finding their youth again and feeling great about themselves for the remainder of their lives!.

I love training and coaching clients who are committed to making a difference for themselves, to guide them to find their full potential, watch them grow not only as individuals but see their “circle of influence” also learn, grow and evolve into their own greatness!. I also love being fully rewarded and it gives me goosebumps when I see even an inkling of growth or positive change within my client’s lives – running a half marathon after them telling me – ”I hate running!” OR when they make positive changes to their nutrition and wellbeing and watching their realisation of how much better they feel – thinking that only “feeling crappy all the time’ was once their norm! OR having them walk into the studio at the beginning of their session in tears (I am then grateful they did come to see me), to then seeing them walk out with a huge grin and skip in their step!  This is why I know I am in the best industry and at the right place now!

Digging a Little Deeper:

We are all on a journey – and life is not really measured by the destination but by how we take on triumphs and challenges that are sent to us! For me, I take “Life” as a big learning curve and whenever I have come across a challenge – I have a wee assurance statement – ”It is character building”. This is what my father has very often said to me! I would be assured that I needed to sit back and work out what I was to learn from it! Pretty much all the time it got me through and I am very Grateful to have had a very good life so far! I certainly would not change anything!!. Our Journey takes us on different paths and of late I have undertaken some major direction changes in my life – to come to the “Yellow brick road” I am now on – and I believe this was the path and the now perfect timing  to undertake and share with others. So I guess what I am trying to say here – I believe it is all about timing and change – with us all being unique in our own right – life happens when it is meant to happen! So don’t give up on your dreams, goals – but you do need to make the change when it feels right for you.

So since 2012 when I graduated as an

  • International Fitness Professional through MAX College of Fitness with Certificates III and IV in Fitness and a Diploma in Business.
  • Menofitness – focusing on Women’s Health and Wellbeing.
  • I completed my Advanced Diploma in Business with MAX and graduated being the first in NZ and the 5th International to do so!!
  • Kaizen Institute of Health Mentorship
  • Kaizen Functional Health Practitioner
  • Kaizen Advanced Health Coach – Level 2!
  • I hold a current First Aid Certificate
  • REPs Registered
  • Conduct SMEAEPs Programmes and Packages.

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As I mentioned above Fitness/Movement for me is FUN and I love to do something most days – but I do listen to my body and I am aware that it requires balance -so some days I Work-In (Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Stretch, my Vege garden)  – rather than a Work-Out. My Workouts are something that I love or that makes my heart sing – being outdoors bike riding, walking, hiking, swimming – being in the sea!! You can ask your body – what it requires – as it is always trying to do the best for you! Or maybe doing something that you loved to do when you were young – that is the best! Since having learnt more about my body and lifestyle over the last few years I have understood now how much more important this is to me.

Reading above, my learning path, for my business RejuvenateYou, has taken me on a wonderful journey and I am Grateful for where it has lead me! To not only wanting to grow my business, offer and improve value-added services for my clients – it has certainly taken me on a journey for my own Health and Wellbeing. After taking my first Adrenal Dysfunction Test while doing my study with Kaizen – my markers came back that I was in Phase II of the “Distress Predominance.”  That means I had been in a “Flight or Fright” mode for some time causing my stress hormone (Cortisol) to be heightend that my adrenals were now depleted. I also had a really low reading of my recovery hormone (DHEA). So I wasn’t recovering but I wasn’t allowing my body too either. When I think about it – I had been running a 7day Cafe business for 10 years, – had started physical training again which had made me feel a lot better mentally – training for events – started running, took on my Training to become a Personal Trainer then started to build my RejuvenateYou business. My blood pressure also increased during this time and eventually much to my disagreement – I went on blood pressure tablets. I also had surgery to have my gallbladder out after suffering some agonising pain. We bounced back pretty quickly from our operation – well we thought we had, until suffering a nasty bout of shingles. I guess what I am trying to say here is that – our body is always sending us messages and we need to slow down and listen – become aware!. We all have life happening – we just keep going – our body screams at us and tries to slow us down – we just get back up again and carry on! What really excites me – is that our body is just soooo amazing – that it is always doing it’s darndest to make us well – becoming mindful of these messages – making changes – we can certainly bring Optimal Health and enjoy the life you deserve!

So my changes over those next twelve months – was planning my perfect working week with X number of sessions per week, non negotiable weekends off, more time without technology, earlier to bed and making sure 7-8hours sleep per night, I did more Working In for probably 9-10 months than Working Out, I had a root canal out (surprising how much better I felt after taking that out – just mental relief-my body was probably relieved too), more MeTime and doing things that I have always loved to do – massage, meditation, and lately getting on my bike more – being out in nature – appreciating its beauty and being more grateful for my life!!!

So – roll on to my re-tests-(just under 12months later)! My latest Adrenal Dysfunction Test – cortisol readings are more into the normal ranges – and a very pleasing result to see my Recovery Hormone (DHEA) reading has improved – still room for more – but we are getting there!!

Nutrition as we know is important in fueling your body the best foods for YOU! If you are not giving your body the good fuel – your body will not perform to its best! Getting a good balance of nutrients is key. I go along with the 80/20 rule – so 80% of the time – good nutrition and 20% is treat time or fav foods. It is what you are eating or doing everyday, (that will serve you well) being consistent and persistent as opposed to eating or doing every now and then!  With each meal or snack I aim to have carbs (mostly vege), protein and good fats. I love to have a vege garden so it is a pleasure to be able to go and pick nutritional food as I need it! Along with my above Adrenal Dysfunction Testing, I had also taken a Food Sensitivity Test  at the same time. This tests you on 98 foods and to the extreme that you are intolerant. Now these are not “Food Allergy Tests” but show a food that would be causing your body inflammation and could be causing stress to your body. For me this showed that I was sensitivity to Dairy and funnily enough it was something that I had been intuitively thinking may have been the case. A great test was – I had had a pain in the back of my knee which had lingered on for a fair few months – couldn’t remember doing anything to hurt or damage it. The week I took dairy out of my diet – the pain went away – and I haven’t had it back. I have introduced milk occasionally – and know when this hasn’t agreed with me – so I choose not to have it! A good Gut Healing protocol can also help with reducing inflammation.

I now follow a regime of my “Three Pillars” which I incorporate for both my personal journey and in my business practise too.


I find these are accountable foundations that keep me on track for my journey, my rituals, also as a foundation for the growth of RejuvenateYou and believe they are a great starting point for my client’s journey too! Looking at the bigger picture as my “Holistic Circle” – I am working on lifestyle, environmental – eliminating chemicals and toxins, – through using and loving the World Organics skincare and makeup ranges, intuitively finding an Natural, Organic Hair Salon, using natural or organic cleaning products, to name a few! A huge amount of my time is spent in my mental and emotional portals, and I think sometimes we don’t value this enough – once this flows – you find everything else does too!.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I would now like to share with you my Services and hopefully you will find some opportunities that will help you on your Journey to reaching your Optimal Health, Fitness & Wellbeing – Finding Happiness, Flow & Living the Life that You Deserve!.

Ainsley x

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